Water Distribution


Water Distribution Nozzles

  • BAC 360™ Spray Nozzle, A, AA, and Pyramid Nozzles are grommeted for easy inspection and removal
  • XF nozzles are gravity flow and can easily be inspected and replaced while unit is in operation
  • Kits are available to install 360™ Spray Nozzles in other manufacturers coil products
  • Patented design for pressurized or gravity-feed systems guarantees optimum thermal performance
  • Large orifice means non-clogging performance for effective wetting of the heat-transfer surface
  • Multiple sizes are available to accommodate all system flow rates

Availability: 1/4” through 1 1/8” orifice for properly metered flow.

Maintenance Tip: Always check spray nozzles when inspecting evaporative cooling equipment as poor spray patterns will negatively effect unit performance.


Float Balls

  • Heavy-duty polypropylene construction resists cracking
  • Foam-filled for structural rigidity and additional buoyancy
  • Available in many sizes and configurations to ensure positive shutoff

Availability: 4 1/2” to 8” diameter and 10” pancake style for all applications.

Caution Tip: Many commercially available float balls are hollow with no foam filling and are not suitable for the rigors of evaporative cooling equipment. While operating, the inside of your equipment can resemble a hurricane with high winds and extreme temperature swings. Without the added structural rigidity from the foam filling, the float ball may easily crack, allowing the float to fill with water, which will cause the system to run improperly. Do not exceed 345 kPa inlet water pressure to the float valve.

Tech Tip: Upon start-up, fill the tower to approximately 12mm below the overflow level before starting the unit. This will provide enough water to fill the rest of the system without draining the tower on start-up. After the system is running, adjust the water level as shown in your Operation and Maintenance Manual. Monitor the operating level for the first 24 hours of operation to make sure it is set properly.


Spray Pumps

  • Cast iron, bronze-fitted construction with mechanical seal means pumps are industrial quality for a long, trouble-free life
  • Impeller and trims have been selected for difficult high-flow, low-head requirements, assuring complete coil wetting to reduce scale and provide maximum thermal capacity
  • Supplied with vented seal housing to prevent air binding and to provide a sump bleed connection
  • Mechanical seal is constructed with a carbon rotating element and a ceramic stationary element with stainless steel hardware for a long, leak-free life

Availability: High efficiency, high flow/low head pumps 0.25 through 7.5 kilowatts and 1 1/2” through 4” BSP discharge.


Pump Seal Kits

  • Replacement TEFC pump motors are designed for outdoor application
  • Complete seal kits available from stock
  • Shaft sleeves are available for pumps 1.5 kW and larger

Float Valves

  • Rubber seal disc assures a positive shut-off to prevent water waste
  • Reliable stainless steel linkage in all kits

Availability: 1/2” to 2” BSP valves for all applications.


Solenoid Valves

  • Forged brass body for durability and high-pressure applications
  • Watertight electrical enclosure for outdoor use
  • Slow-closing feature minimizes water-hammer on shut-off
  • Valves are sized for a water pressure between 100 and 350 kPa at the valve inlet

Availability: 3/8” to 2” BSP connection with 24/110/240 volt normally closed holding coil.


Inlet Strainers

  • Single point inlet provides automatic flow-balancing to both hot water basins
  • Inlet strainer protects water distribution nozzles from debris, eliminating the need for a separate system strainer
  • Large free-area inlet strainer minimizes pumping head
  • Inlet strainer is easy to remove and clean

Large Orifice Spray Distribution Retrofits

  • Large orifice grommeted nozzles can easily be retrofitted in BAC’s older designed products and in other manufacturers’ units
  • Grommeted installation makes spray branches and nozzles easy to remove, clean, and replace
  • Non-clogging, large-orifice nozzles
  • Available in pre-engineered kits for your equipment

Tech Tip: Proper spray water distribution is important to the long-term efficiency of your cooling tower. A fully wetted coil or fill surface will resist scaling and dirt build-up while maintaining peak thermal efficiencies.


Spray Branches

  • Constructed of corrosion resistant PVC
  • Grommeted construction allows spray branches and nozzles to be easily removed