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Reinventing cooling

Baltimore Aircoil Company invented modern evaporative cooling, one of the most natural, energy-efficient cooling systems on Earth, in 1938. We’ve been reinventing cooling—from the products and technologies we create, to the processes and practices we use to sell them—ever since. It’s who we are, and it’s how we’ll continue to advance our work and our impact, for the better.

Sustaining the world

The drive to improve lives has always been at the heart of what we do. Through comfort cooling, production process cooling, and food refrigeration we enable people all over the world to live and work safer, healthier, and happier. Now, more than ever, we know human progress comes at a cost to our planet. Year after year, product after product, innovation after innovation, we are reducing that cost, while increasing our positive impact on the environment we all share

Today, and for the future, BAC is committed to continually advancing cooling in all the ways that keep us moving forward — as a company, an industry, and a global community.


Reaching more people, in more markets around the globe means delivering greater health, safety, productivity, and sustainability to our customers Empowering our employees by putting them first lets them put our customers first; ensuring we continue to have the most innovative, productive, and invested workforce in the industry


Strengthening our role as a leader, originator, and innovator within the industry by sharing our deep knowledge and expertise supports not only our own growth goals, but the advancement of our entire industry

Global Community

Protecting the environment by reducing our impacts on the planet and increasing our positive influence as a leader in efficient, environmentally sustainable cooling is a responsibility and opportunity we take to heart

Enhancing quality-of-life through continually improving comfort cooling intelligence and safety lets us take better care of all the people—end-users, customers, employees, communities — who count on BAC equipment every day

Supporting economic growth and global productivity with reliable, resource-efficient BAC solutions empowers safe and vibrant societies to grow and prosper

OUR MISSION- To continually advance truly sustainable cooling — inspired by nature, powered by our people — for a world that depends on it to grow, succeed, and thrive.

Everything we do at BAC, from the smallest improvements to the greatest leaps in innovation, serves this core purpose.

Our values

Our values reflect who we are and how we work as a team of passionate, professional individuals. More than principles, these are daily practices: Ways of being and doing that we commit to pursuing to our highest standards at work and in life.

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We are committed to a world of sustainable progress and enduring cooling results.

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