BAC Service


Preventative Maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance ensures reliable trouble-free operation and maintains the original design performance of the cooling equipment.

  • BAC Service offers many types of maintenance programs:
  • Mechanical services: inspection, lubrication, servicing and replacement of wear parts.
  • Hygiene services: Cleaning and disinfection of unit insides, including heat transfer surfaces, water distribution system and drift eliminators.
  • Predictive maintenance: Vibration measurements and unit condition monitoring to protect your cooling equipment investment.

A BAC Service maintenance program is carried out by experienced BAC service technicians, including written service visit reports. These record work performed and propose future improvements, where required. Such improvements could include other replacement parts, remedial measures or upgrades to restore operational and safety levels.

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Mechanical services

Our local factory-trained, qualified technicians come to you with industry best experience. Take peace of mind and warranty from Genuine Spare Parts replacement with minimum downtime and guaranteed workmanship.

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Ask BAC for a full inspection report of your cooling equipment, and be informed on recommended actions to improve your system operation

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Hygiene services

BAC Service offers a comprehensive cleaning service for cooling equipment. These cleaning and disinfection procedures are carried out in full compliance with regulatory or site specific health and safety requirements.

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At Baltimore Aircoil, we never stop investing in research and development to improve our new products.Exploit that research and development today with refurbishment of your existing product for improved capacity.

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