Electronic Water Level Control

  • Universal mounting system fits any tower
  • Completely sealed and waterproof
  • Located inside the tower so no heat tracing is required
  • 6 second time delay prevents short-cycling
  • Plastic sheath on probes and stilling chamber prevents false-cycling
  • Requires 110 volt solenoid valve for operation
  • Equipped with trouble shooting LED to diagnose water and probe conditions

Availability: 3-probe through 6-probe models for on/off, low water cut-out, low water alarm, high water cut-out, and/or high water alarm.

Tech Tip: LED error codes can be found in the Universal Electric Water Level Control Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual.


Low Sound Alternatives

  • Intake and discharge attenuation packages are available
  • Fully factory-tested and rated
  • Can be used in conjunction with low sound fan options
  • Available on both counterflow and crossflow products
Tech Tip: Many replacement towers utilize axial fans instead of centrifugal fans. Axial fans produce higher sound levels than centrifugal fans. Contact your local BAC Representative for sound ratings and sound solutions.

Pre-assembled Platforms

  • AS/NZS ISO1657 compliant
  • Increases the ease of maintenance
  • Available on Series 3000, Series 1500, PCT, PT2, FXV, FXV3, CXVB, CXVT and VX models
  • Ships in modules for quick and easy installation
  • Three configurations available (flush, offset, and full perimeter)

Velocity Recovery Stacks

  • Available on most Series 3000 Cooling Towers
  • Increase thermal performance
  • Maintain tower footprint
  • Maintain existing CTI certification on Series 3000A and 3000C Cooling Towers

Vibration Cutout Switches

  • Protect your tower from damage resulting from excessive vibration
  • Mechanical or electronic switches are available with multiple options for alarms and reset
  • Electronic switches are compatible with building management systems

Maintenance Tip: Test vibration switches during seasonal start-ups to ensure proper operation.