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Open Cooling Towers

Australia's leading Cooling Tower manufacturer! BAC Australia' s Compass Open Cooling Towers are a proven cost-effective method of cooling condenser water loops and industrial processes.

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Local Standards Compliance

AS/NZS:3666 Microbial Control Standards

This standard covers various aspects of the design, installation, commissioning, cleaning, operation and maintenance of air conditioning systems including cooling water systems. All aspects of the standard are applicable for evaporative equipment. It is imperative that the equipment you buy is designed or modified to meet local standards. Beware that most imported product does not comply which may leave designers, contractors and owners vulnerable to risk of prosecution in the case of micro-biological outbreak.

AS/NZS:4024 Safety of Machinery Standards

This standard provides designers, manufacturers, contractors and owner/operators of machinery with requirements to reduce the risks of working with, or near, machinery. In particular, this standard is applicable to ingress of equipment via access and guarding requirements. Beware that most imported product does not comply which may leave designers, contractors and owners vulnerable to risk of prosecution in the case of accident.

AS/NZS:1657 Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders

This standard identifies the minimum requirements for fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders - Design, construction and installation. It is important to to understand that imported equipment seldom meets this standard which is dimensionally product and site specific. The absence of compliant access may impede inspection, monitoring and maintenance of equipment, while non-compliant access may impede or impact site safety.

AS/NZS MEPS Standard Compliance

Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) standards specify the minimum level of energy performance that electrical equipment (products) must meet or exceed before they can be offered for sale or used for commercial purposes in Australia.

Features & Benefits


Compass Crossflow

The Compass Cooling Tower leads the industry on value while sporting the trusted reliability from BAC. Maintenance is easy with it's open plenum which provides first class access to the interior for maintenance and cleaning. The Compass Cooling Tower is predominantly made from fibre reinforced plastics which are heavily reinforced by a steel frame. The Compass meets all of the Australian compliance requirements including AS/NZS 3666 Microbiological Control, AS/NZS 4024 for Machine Guards and AS/NZS 1657 for Access.

  • Thermal Capacity: 753 - 6,370 kW
  • Flow Rate: Up to 285 Litres/Sec
  • Crossflow // Axial Fan // Induced Draft

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly Materials

• Up to 90% recycled content

• All of structural and cladding components are made from the highest quality materials.

• All materials are designed to meet AU/NZ-WHS requirements


Lower Operating Cost

• Meets or exceeds ASHRAE Standard 90.1 and BCA sect J energy efficiency requirements

• Fulfils increased demand for Water/Energy Conservation requirements.

• BACross® Fill, BAC’s patented crossflow hanging fill, is developed to provide the most efficient thermal capacity in the industry.

• Patented non-clog nozzles distribute flow evenly

• Triple-pass integral eliminators limit drift loss to <0.002%


100% Thermal Performance

All standard Compass Series models are certified by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) which require strict CTI testing procedures ensure that all Compass Series towers are 100% documented thermal performance

CTI Certification (not just CTI membership) is your insurance policy to ensure you get what you paid for when you need it.
BAC is your thermal integrity partner, Because Temperature Matters.


Low Maintenance Costs


Easiest access to the cold water basin, hot water basin, and the drive system with the crossflow design, large access doors, and an optional internal walkway

Fast inspection of the spray water distribution system while the unit is in operation


Convenient and Easy Installation

Compass Towers are designed for field assembly and knockdown units are available.

Fewer seams with environmentally friendly BUYTL and no hand-laid FRP onsite, reducing the time required to assemble and install the cold water basin

All models can be mounted directly on the side panel of the parallel beams which make field assembly much simpler
Optional factory-assembled units ensure uniform quality with minimum field assembly.

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